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Watch the widely acclaimed PBS documentary film of The Poisoner’s Handbook online. Go here to learn more and have fun with an interactive poisoner's comic book.
Learn more about The Poisoner’s Handbook, a New York Times paperback best seller:

The New York Times: “The Poisoner’s Handbook is an inventive history that, like arsenic mixed into blackberry pie, goes down with ease.”

The Washington Post: Not only is "The Poisoner's Handbook" as thrilling as any "CSI" episode, but it also offers something even better: an education in how forensics really works. (more)

BookPage: The Poisoner’s Handbook is that rare nonfiction book that has something for everyone, whether you are a true-crime aficionado, a political-history buff, a science geek or simply a fan of well-written narrative suspense. (more

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